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Security platform
Product Name Product Introduction
Security module distribution platform

The security module distribution platform is mainly applied for security module key etching and production distribution. The platform adopts C/S architecture and supports permission management, production order task management, log inquiry, etc. The platform can be flexibly expanded and can be docked with different models of automated production equipment; The platform supports a variety of confidential machine model docking and can easily realize the introduction and distribution of national secrets, international algorithm key and certificate systems.

IOT security authentication platform

The IOT security authentication platform provides security message authentication functions for IOT collection systems, adopts microservice architecture, and has the characteristics of high reliability, high concurrency, load balancing, and easy expansion. The system platform supports access to different types of encryption machine devices and supports international algorithms and national secret algorithms.

Key management system

Key management system products can provide full lifecycle management services for application systems. BHDC key management system supports symmetric and asymmetric key systems, international key algorithms, and national secret key algorithms, meeting the password management requirements of multiple services and applications, supporting customer’s customization, and can be quickly deployed. The product can be widely applied in gas, finance, government affairs, enterprises and other fields and industries that have a demand for password management.

TSM platform

Trusted Service Manager (Trusted Service Manager), a system that provides functions such as application release management and security module management, the platform is classified into SP-TSM and SEI-TSM according to specific capabilities, through the series of processes of "security domain division→ key writing and update→ application loading→ application installation → application personalization", to achieve the security domain and application life cycle management in the security module. The product can be applied to wearable, Internet of Vehicles, intelligent terminal, and other fields.