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Internet of Vehicles security module
Product Name Product Introduction
V2X module

The V2X module is a safety product based on a high-performance security chip that realizes safety authentication functions facing the field of automotive autonomous driving. The product has a variety of rich interfaces as 7816, UART, SPI, I2C, USB, etc., supports algorithms of international and national secret etc., and easily meets the performance index in the V2X field. The product has a variety of hardware protection mechanisms and high security. Besides supporting V2X authentication applications, the product can also expand to USIM applications and other authentication applications, which can realize multiple application by one core. 

China VI security module

The China VI security module adopts high-performance security chips, and the software protocol meets the requirements of China VI standards. The module supports the interfaces of 7816 and SPI etc. and provides development SDK to facilitate customers to easily implement related functions of identity authentication and data security.

Internet of Vehicles security authentication module

The Internet of Vehicles security certification module is a product based on automotive-grade security chips that realizes data security functions facing the field of Internet of Vehicles. This product can be applied to business scenarios of digital car key system scenarios, wireless charging Qi3.0 authentication scenarios, and vehicle data security encryption and decryption.
(1) The product supports JAVA3.0.5 and GP2.3.1 versions and supports international and national secret security algorithms.
(2) The product supports the patch solutions and supports the application upgrade solutions.
(3) The product supports ICCE/CCC/Qi3.0/Secure Boot authentication applications.
(4) The product can provide AECQ100, ROHS, ELV test report, and completed PPAP documentation.