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Security module release solution

The core of the gas meter information security solution achieves information security through the key, and the key needs to be written into the security chip through a secure way. The key writing system utilizes the key issued by the key management center and the personal issuance information collected by the customer management system to download the key and personal data to the security chip through a secure loading.

This issuance scheme is an overall solution for the production and distribution of security chips, supporting task application, approval, issuance, query, deletion, recycling, and invalidation operations, assigning roles to administrators and operators, in the meantime, having the function of log issue, card writing and chart statistics, supporting the configuration management of finished products, materials and suppliers, and having the functions of initializing card parameters, establishing or importing the file structure of the module, importing related keys, etc., with convenient, safe and fast for reissuance operations.