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Internet of vehicle communication authentication solutions

BHDC IOV overall solution provides one-stop solutions from chips, mobile phone applications, and cloud services to meet the rapid adaptation of vehicle manufacturers and provides customized development services.

The Internet of Vehicles is one of the essential functions of the current intelligent vehicles presently, and BHDC can provide high-performance vehicle-grade SIM/eUICC cards, traffic platforms, and eUICC code management platforms to facilitate automotive enterprises to achieve networking quickly. Communication security issues during networking can be guaranteed by the BHDC ESAM security module. BHDC ESAM security module supports a variety of security authentication functions, including TLS protocol, security boot, IDPS, car key authentication and other functions, with the cloud security management, TSM platform, etc., which is convenient for rapid deployment of car enterprises and provides sufficient security guarantee for car enterprises. Digital key system is also the trend of intelligent cars currently, BHDC has accumulated rich product experience in NFC card car keys, mobile phone APP keys, and can provide car enterprise customer with different product solutions.