Product Name Product Introduction
NB module

 BHDC NB module is based on the mature and stable domestic NB-IOT chip, supports B3/B5/B8 frequency band, with the characteristics of ultra-low power consumption, small size, low cost, wide coverage, etc., and is suitable for smart metering, smoke sensor, smart parking lot, door sensor, asset tracking and other scenarios.
(1) The product utilizes LCC package with a variety of sizes and forms.
(2) The product supports wide range voltage power supply as 2.2V-4.5V, and supports low-power PSM mode as 800nA;
(3) The product supports 3GPP R13/R14 protocol, UDP/TCP, HTTP/HTTPS, MQTT/CoAP/LwM2M, supports operator’s IOT platforms of CTWing, OneNet etc., supports OPEN development.
(4) The product has completed SRC, NAL, CCC certification.

CAT1 module

BHDC module utilizes the mature and stable domestic Cat.1 chip, supports the LTE frequency band of the three major domestic operators, and has rich software protocols and hardware interfaces.
(1) The product supports analo g voice, VoLTE voice, TTS/recording functions.
(2) The product supports software functions and protocols of TCP/UDP/FTP/HTTP/MQTT and FILE etc. and supports internal mainstream cloud platform protocols.
(3) The product provides OpenCPU development solutions, which can equip peripherals like screens, cameras, SD cards, and six-axis sensors, which is convenient for users to quickly produce products.
(4) The product has completed SRC, NAL, CCC certification.