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Communications management platform
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eUICC platform

The eUICC card is a new style of SIM card product that allows multiple mobile operators to download personalized profiles to the card through the remote management platform. BHDC eUICC remote management platform complies with the GSMA organization specifications and utilizes effective and secure development technology to remotely configure and manage eUICC card products and realize interconnection between operators. The remote management platform supports both M2M and consumer electronics application scenarios.
(1) The basic business functions of the management platform include subscription data management, subscription data download, subscription data activation, subscription data deactivation, and subscription data deletion.
(2) The management platform management support functions include sub-functions of user personnel management, log management, configuration management etc.      

Traffic management platform

BHDC has abundant IOT traffic resources from the three major domestic operators and overseas operators, which can provide flexible and convenient data package solutions for IOT customers. BHDC traffic management platform can help customers achieve on refined traffic management, automatic bill management, and improve the efficiency of resource utilization and management.
(1) The traffic management platform can provide customers with an overall operation overview and assist customer’s operator to analyze the overall situation of the traffic operation.
(2) The traffic management platform can provide accurate traffic card consumption analysis and provide early warning information.
(3) The traffic management platform can provide efficient account management, provide detailed consumption bills, and recharge information.