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Follow the pace of the times, undertake the historical mission -Theme group lesson

Update time : 2022-07-11 18:15:00
In order to further strengthen the political and ideological concepts of the group members and enhance their deep understanding of the group organization, CEC Group organized a thematic group lesson activity for the youth spirit literacy enhancement project in the afternoon of July 8, 2022. CEC Party Secretary and Chairman Rui Xiaowu taught a thematic group class for the youth of the whole system of the group company under the title of "Raising the Spirit, Improving Literacy, Enhancing Contribution, and Writing a Youthful Chapter of Innovation and Development of the Internet and Information Industry". The company's league branch actively organized league cadres and league member representatives to watch and learn online, and seriously understand the theme of the league class taught by Chairman Rui Xiaowu on youth spirit literacy enhancement project.

Chairman Rui effectively elaborated that the uncertainties in the world landscape today have greatly increased, and enterprises are facing many risks and pressures, but at the same time, he also deeply realized that this is an opportunity for enterprises to develop and seek changes. In the new era of digitalization, we still have to rely on the unremitting struggle of young people to play to our strengths and solve development problems. From the dimension of "knowledge" and "action", he pointed out the direction for the youth to grow up and be active, and suggested that the youth should know "national affairs, group affairs and work affairs", follow the command of the Party, refine They should obey the command of the Party, refine their style, strengthen their responsibility, and show the spirit of youth in the new era.

Through this group class, the communist youth league members deeply realize that under the care and guidance of the Group, the company possesses the ability of forward layout of one lineage, the advantage of mechanism of reform and innovation, the open mind of accepting all rivers, and the spiritual strength of courageous commitment. In the context of the new era, how to inherit the fine tradition, dare to be the pioneer of the times, and give play to the synergistic power needs to be seriously considered by each of our youth league members.

Next, the company's youth should bear in mind the original mission, not forgetting the glorious history, seize the day and live it to the fullest, firm ideals and beliefs, high aspirations, diligent study and practice, develop excellent skills, determined to struggle, practical work to take charge, virtue and good, refining moral cultivation, with wisdom and sweat in the new journey to continue to write the chapter of youth, for the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics.