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New Generation Cat.1 Module Empowers Thousands of Industries to Make Life Better

Update time : 2022-07-04 11:12:00
In IoT application scenarios, Cat.1 technology with mature technology, reliable performance and superior cost is gradually taking up the burden of low-rate connectivity scenarios in the IoT, while becoming the zeitgeist for rapid growth of IoT links.

Recently, BHDC launched Cat.1 modules based on the new generation ASR1606 chip platform, offering two different package sizes: 21.9mm*22.9mm (HM608A) and 17.7mm*15.8mm (HM609A) in order to meet the needs of customers in different scenarios. The ASR1606 platform is capable of providing more stable capacity guarantee and inherits the software baseline of the previous generation ASR160x series with billions of stable shipments and achieves wide compatibility through rich peripheral interfaces. At the same time, the ASR1606 provides the ultimate optimization of the architecture in terms of band selection and storage space to further improve the price/performance ratio on the basis of meeting the applications.

HM608A/HM609A support rich hardware interface, support analo g voice and VoLTE voice, TTS/recording function, and rich software functions and protocols such as TCP/UDP/FTP/HTTP/MQTT and FILE file operation, support industrial grade high reliability communication, docking support the industry's mainstream cloud platform protocols, bringing users high quality LTE Cat.1 communication solution. It also provides OpenCPU development solution, which can mount peripherals such as screen, camera, SD card, six-axis sensor, acceleration sensor, etc. It can better meet the needs of terminal products such as POC, POS, Tracker, BMS, IPC, shared two-wheelers and charging piles.