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Gas patrol meter reading solutions

Traditionally, meter reading operation is based on staff to manually identify gas meter data, record it on paper, and transcribe it to a computer system. The process is cumbersome, labor-intensive, and inefficient; Moreover, the gas meter reading needs to be identified by the naked eye, there is a risk of identification error, and it is easy to be modified by humans with higher error rate; Some gas meters are installed too high or not easy to read, which is difficult to get the reading; The gas meter reading needs to be returned to the office and manually transferred to the computer system, which cannot be uploaded and reported in time.

BHDC intelligent gas meter reading solution takes mobile network technology as the carrier, through the application of infrared and Bluetooth communication technology, based on APP + handheld meter reading equipment for remote meter reading. The solution is mainly composed of four parts: data service center, meter reading equipment management system, APP and handheld device. Gas meter information can be automatically collected through BHDC intelligent handheld meter reading equipment, real-time transmission of information through mobile phone APP, automatic collection and real-time management of meter reading can be realized, and the seamless integration of terminal meter reading data and production management system background data can be realized finally.