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IoV project passed the acceptance successfully

Update time : 2022-09-27 17:51:00
BHDC undertook a special project for innovation and leading development of intelligent networked vehicle industry in Beijing Haidian District during 2018-2020 to carry out research and development of embedded software for integrated circuit security chip (embedded security software for vehicle security module), with an overall project investment of 44.3 million yuan over a period of three years, and successfully operated for two years, which well completed the established technical indicators and economic operation indicators of the project.

In the afternoon of September 27, 2022, Beijing Zhongguancun Science City Management Committee came to preside over the acceptance review meeting of the special project for innovation-led development of intelligent network-linked vehicle industry in Haidian District.

Five industry experts and financial experts were invited to the review meeting, including a researcher from Beijing Engineering Laboratory of IoV Security Simulation and Attack and Defense Technology of National Internet Emergency Response Center, a professor from School of Electronic Information Engineering of Beijing Jiaotong University, a senior engineer from Xingtang Communication Technology Co.

Sun Chungui, executive vice general manager of the parent company UWIC, made a report on the overall business development of the company, and Dr. Wang Xuecong, director of the Planning and Technology Department, reported in detail the completion of the tasks and indicators of the project on behalf of the subject group. The company's financial director Zhuang Qinghai and deputy general manager Liu Qing supplemented the project-related issues.

The experts reviewed the acceptance materials, and after questioning and discussion, agreed that the project has fully researched the key technologies of the vehicle-grade embedded safety module in terms of high lifetime, multi-application development and integration, remote dynamic configuration of multi-operator numbers, etc., formed a number of intellectual property rights and products, met the key technical index requirements of the project, and has a good promotion effect on the development of the intelligent networked vehicle industry, and agreed that The project passed the acceptance evaluation.

After the meeting, the general manager of the company, Han Bo, accompanied Wang Zhenyu, deputy director of the industry of Zhongguancun Science City Management Committee, project officer Ouyangxiang, Cuihu Netlink ecological partners and experts on a visited of the company's exhibition hall to further understand the products developed by the company, business development and other aspects. The leaders and experts of Zhongguancun Science City Management Committee highly praised the various products and businesses developed by the company, and affirmed and encouraged the contribution of BHDC in Telematics.

In the future, BHDC will take security, authentication, connection and payment as the core, and continue to work deeply in the field of intelligent networked vehicles, continue to focus on the key elements of Telematics, and provide a full range of solutions with information security as the core for various scenarios such as vehicle-vehicle, vehicle-cloud, vehicle-road and vehicle-human, and also provide more convenient and secure products and services for the digital world of all things.